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plant seasoning at tabletop
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planting has never been so easy.

No space for huge planting pots?

No time to take care of the plants day to day?

 Want to have fresh seasoning and fruits?


Try crispee. Simple and easy.


about crispee.

What's special about it?


Just water will do the job!

No bugs and no overwatering. 

Crispee Cup 5.677.png

Made in Jesmonite.

Eco friendly. Impact resistant. Durable.

Feel like having something special?

Customize your own crispee.

Crispee Cup 5.675.png


It's the size of a coffee cup only!

All handmade!

Designed and manufactured locally.

what's inside?

The package includes:

1. Crispee cup x 1

2. Planting pod x 1

3. Lid  x 1


4. Seedling x 1

5. Nutrient solution


HKD $ 350

錨點 1
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