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Freshness Grown On Your Plate

The purest home gardening experience.

"Let go of your old tired habits and

plant new habits in hydroponics"

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local production of

vegetables only contributes
of our total consumption



"Home based farming" could be the first step for you to develop greener eating habit. To be an urban farmer, its not necessary to have any gardening knowledge, but the willingness to treat nature as if its a part of your life.


We believe that we should take full control of our lives. How about starting from getting fresh herbs and salad whenever you needed? 

"Grow smart at home,

Growing your own,

Eating your own"


Growing your own food is fun and satisfying, most importantly, controllable. We have lost the environment to grow vegetables since living in cities. We want to recreate the joy of harvest by using the latest technology and the power of mother nature. 

Harvest what your produce right before eating it.

Sounds crispy enough?


How it works_updated.png
How it works_updated.png
How it works_updated.png

Crispbox is still growing...

Enjoy fresh and crispy veggies 24/7.

Crispbox contains nutritional meals on your own choices.

Say goodbye to fluctuating priced and

full-of-chemicals greens. 


Say HELLO To Botanium!

Good news to all planting fans!

Botanium is here for tabletop planting.

With seasonings or fragrant blossoms.


Simply order our seedlings

on our mobile apps.

Any time, any where.

Our 3-4 weeks old seedlings will be delivered with roots intact to you at doorstep.

Transplant the seedlings to Crispbox, our smart home based hydroponic farm.

Our seedlings continue to grow while keeping all the nutrients and freshness.

Harvest your salad any time you wanted. No waste.

Enjoy the most crispy and freshest salad you can imagine. 


24crisp is a startup project on Agritech and won Cyberport Creative Micro Funds. We believe home based farming is the future and harvest what you product right before eating.

We are producing Crispbox and you can try it in advance! Just leave your basic information or drop us anything you would like to share!

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